Children’s Bill of Rights

We, the faculty and staff of Great New Beginnings for early childhood education, pledge to recognize and honor this Children’s Bill of Rights.


Great New Beginnings will provide the children with opportunities for creativity, exploration and emotional/psychological maturation, because all children have the right to experience a wide variety of activities to help them develop a feeling of independence and confidence. Learning activities will encourage the children to build their language, cognitive, gross and fine motor and social skills.


Nourishing a child’s development is essential to his or her education. All children have the right to be encouraged to do their best at whatever they do.


Being hugged and cuddled allows children to feel valued and secure, which enables them to develop self-esteem. Every child has a right to the calm, warm, loving and nurturing environment that we provide.


Knowledge of each child’s interests, handicaps, special talents, individual style and pace of learning will allow us to fulfill that child’s right to be respected as an individual.


In our program every child has the right to have all of his or her physical needs met. This includes the need for rest and relaxation throughout the day.


During the time your child is under our care, they have the right to a safe and secure environment.


Small classes will allow us to fulfill the children’s right to personal attention, a relaxed atmosphere and freedom of choice in their activities.