About GNB

We provide nurturing and educational experiences for children 8 weeks through school-aged, including camps, emergency/holiday care, and before and after school care.

Did You Know?

  • Great New Beginnings is a family owned and operated program since 1999.
  • We are a proud recipient of the State of Delaware Governor’s Award in Excellence in Early Childhood Education and Care.
  • Our programs are guided by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) standards which exceed state mandated regulations.
  • All our staff meet or exceed state credential requirements.
  • Live Internet Viewing is available for our Families and is included in weekly tuition.
  • We strengthen our safety protocols with a Panic Button Security System.

Our Philosophy

Great New Beginnings’ main philosophy is to provide a warm, happy and stimulating environment for your child.

Early childhood education provides a solid foundation on which future learning may build upon. It should be developmentally appropriate and meet the needs of the individual child. It is extremely important to establish a rapport with each child and be able to develop the child to his or her fullest potential. To meet these responsibilities, Great New Beginnings will be flexible and willing to adapt when necessary.

Great New Beginnings’ main philosophy is to provide a warm, happy and stimulating environment for your child. The goal of the center is to develop a child’s total potential by encouraging growth in social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Children are given opportunities to be creative with art, experience music, movement, science, language, math activities, and various sensory activities that are also used to foster the child’s hands on learning. Throughout the year, each child’s developmental strengths and weaknesses are assessed and many “individual instruction” opportunities are offered. As a child matures and the capacities to absorb more task oriented activities develop there are a series of progressively challenging activities that will be presented, making sure not to present activities that are out of the child’s limit. Great New Beginnings is a licensed early childhood education center that provides careful supervision of all activities for the entire program.