When making a decision as important as choosing a day care provider, one that is the best fit for your child’s individual needs, the most helpful advice could be a recommendation from another family. We welcome you to read for yourselves what families have to say about Great New Beginnings.

I moved to the area in January and I called a dozen daycares to try and find availability for my 4 month old. GNB called me back with an opening thankfully and I couldn’t be more grateful that this was the facility that had availability. My child has been enrolled since he was 5 months old and the care he has received has been amazing. I can truly say that the ladies in the infant room took exceptional care of my child. They are kind and organized and made me feel so comfortable leaving my baby in their care. My child is now in the 1 year old room and I feel the same way about the staff in this class. They are wonderful and sweet and do a great job. The staff alerts me of any incident no matter how small which makes me feel like they are trustworthy and have the best interests of my child.

Danielle Jedlicka

I am writing this honest review about the center. Its been 6 months since we located this early learning center and I have been truly bless to have found it. The center is very well maintained and fully secure. The hiring process must be intense because all the staff thus far is beyond awesome! Even with complaints, the staff has always remained calm, empathic and pleasant. My sons milestones have been advanced with the educational games, songs, activities and human interactions at the center. I really appreciate Ms. Kyara & Ms. Janae at the front desk they are both level headed, professional, and welcoming everyday ( which is hard to do). Every interaction has been pleasant, even with the other parents. I would 100% refer anyone to this branch due to the team effort the staff shows day in and day out.

John Garden

We absolutely love the cleanliness and communication of this center. I love that the teachers email me with updates, pictures, and even just questions.

Another major selling factor are the cameras. We love to be able to check in and see how the kids are doing. Its nice to see our children interacting with others and even working on worksheets.

Ashley Gravatt

I am shocked to read any negative feedback for GNB. My husband, son and I had an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING experience! Should we have any more children I know this is where we would bring our child.

My review is long overdue as my child is now 7 but he attended GNB from 4 months old. I chose GNB because of the ability to livestream and a good interview/observation however, as a 1st time mom I was TERRIFIED to leave my child. I had a ton of questions and concerns, but they were always addressed with care and understanding. Lin, Kristin, and Janae always humored my requests and never made me feel like a bother. Although I was one of many parents, they always made me feel like my child was a priority, and that they were equally concerned for my child’s wellbeing. When there was an incident in the classroom between my child and a teacher, that teacher was reprimanded immediately even before I could review the tape and comment! They treated my child as if he was their own. The level of care and concern that was put into rectifying this situation truly blew me away. They heard my 4-year-old sons concerns, took it seriously and did not hesitate to show him…not just tell him…that he was seen, heard, cared for and would be protected!

Lin is truly a jewel she is so accessible and involved in what happens at GNB. Not like many owners who don’t know what’s going on…Lin gives you her cell phone number and will answer and respond almost immediately to texts and calls. She even allowed this panicked mom to retrieve her son’s nebulizer after hours! I have so many wonderful things I could share…so many amazing teachers, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Jess….they offered advice when needed, were always open to discuss my child’s progress, and even differentiated instruction to challenge my child when they realized how smart he was. Differentiating instruction for a 2-year-old!! Can you imagine a daycare that would go that extra mile??? GNB is a great place that truly desires partnership with its parents! They are GREAT partners to have!! They listen and truly look out for the best interests of your child in all aspects! This is overdue because I knew it would be long! But SO, deserving!! Thanks, GNB!


We love the teachers open communication, and how much Riley is learning from them.

Kristin Meginniss

ALL of the teachers are amazing and super communicative. Ms. Tessa calls us regularly with updates about our little, and is always so sweet and supportive of our daughters journey. We love that it is clean. We love that the rooms are separated by age but the littles can see the toddlers through the windows, it makes for a great transition. Ms. Amber is ALWAYS so sweet with her. I love sneaking into the room at the end of the day to find our daughter smiling and laughing with her teacher. She is this way with all of the staff! VERY thankful for such great care providers. Thank you Ms. Pam for giving us the initial tour. Without you we certainly wouldn’t be in the center, and it is AMAZING. Great staff. Great center. Great program. Just all around 10/10 recommend to anyone that should ask!

Courtney Sparklin

Very happy and pleased with the quality of care my grandson receives at Great New Beginnings! He comes home happy and thriving each day. Staff is very friendly and polite. And the facility is clean and safe. Thank you for all you do!

Carolee Cowder

Great new beginnings has been amazing for my daughter and I, she has been attending for about 2 years and we have never had a bad experience, I trust all her teachers and staff immensely. Any incident, whether a fall or a sickness, I have always been contacted immediately. I would recommend this day care to everyone! My favorite part is the live news feed, I can get on my phone any time of the day and see what my daughter is doing and watch her! I absolutely great new beginnings.

Kayla Kaminski

Kristin at the front desk is so helpful and always a pleasure to deal with. My child loves going to “school” as he calls it and seeing his teachers and friends. The staff is caring and courteous and have become like family. We have had a wonderful experience at this center.

Jennifer Howard

My children attend Great New Beginnings and we have always had the best experience! We are greeted and welcomed each morning by the administrators, they are always super responsive if we have a question or concern, the teachers are great with my children, and as a group, they have gone above and beyond to maintain all health and safety protocols during COVID. Thank you, GNB!!!

Tiffany Lowen

My child attends Great New Beginnings and I feel comfortable and safe knowing that my child is being well cared for each day. The teachers treat each child as if they were their own children. I would not want my child anywhere else.


Our daughter has been at Great New Beginnings since she was 8 weeks old and will be going off to Kindergarten next fall. The administration has always been very helpful and does a great job of communicating any changes, upcoming special dates/events, and keeping us in the loop as to our daughter’s development. We have been happy with all of our teachers and can appreciate all they do to keep the kids safe, engaged, and learning every day. I would recommend Great New Beginnings to anyone and would encourage you to visit to see for yourself.

A McFern

My daughter attended Great New Beginnings for two years, and now my son attends. We love the administration and the staff. My daughter learned so much during the time she was there, and my son has shown growth in the short time he has been at GNB. The communication has always been great, whether it is text, email, Tadpoles, or face to face. The staff takes the time to know the kids and genuinely cares. They provide a structured but nurturing learning environment , and always offer fun activities for the kids.

Kristen Grabowski

We have been a part of the GNB family for almost 2 years. We had an awful experience at a completely different center and due to the level of neglect and unprofessionalism we pulled our sons (now 4 and 1) out after only 1 week of attendance. At GNB (Bear), we have never felt anxious about leaving our boys under their care. From the moment you walk in, you are immediately greeted by the administrators and each teacher is very welcoming and pleasant as you walk down the halls. There is constant communication and any concerns you may have are always addressed promptly. They perform routine developmental screenings, and offer regular parent teacher conferences. Policy and safety are two things that the owners practice and display regularly. Our children run into the building each morning and we love it!

Brandin Hudson

My family and I love this center! Our daughter has attended for 6 years. The GNB family is amazing! They have always worked with us, kept us informed, listened to our concerns, etc. Teachers and assistants are all capable, seem to love the kids, are kind to parents, etc. We recommend to everyone we know!

Tina Kosinski

Great New Beginnings has been my kids home away from home over the past 10 yrs. From infant care all the way to summer camp we have had an excellent experience. GNB provides a great curriculum for all ages. The owner and administrators are always available and present. Mrs. Carol’s cooking is always a favorite of my boys. The camera viewing they offer is a great bonus! GNB is nothing short than amazing.

Lyndsey Calvetti

Great New Beginnings is a well established program. I give it 5 stars because that’s what it deserves, this coming from a tough credit. My child has attended this program from 6 months old until she was ready for Kindergarten. The price is good for a 5 star facility and all that is provided. They open early and stay open late. They offer live camera viewing for your convenience and breakfast lunch and snack. The activities are great and the education that is taught is a step towards school unlike other facilities that just let your child play for hours of the day.
If you’re looking for the very best daycare in town then Great New Beginnings should be your new home away from home!

Brandon Moon

I do not have anything but great things to say about GNB. As a previous Director in a daycare center, you do not always see the owners on site. The owner of GNB takes pride in her schools and it truly shows how much she cares about her families, students and staff. I have been a part of the GNB team for a couple of months, as a source of support for the classroom teachers. Not only are the teachers at GNB well trained, they are passionate about Early Childhood Education and go above and beyond to support the students in their classroom. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing facility for Early Childhood Education!

Jessica Cioci

We love GNB! Both of my children have been attending since they were infants and have grown so close to their teachers and staff. I have pretty high standards when it comes to my children and I have toured just about every daycare center in the area. None even come close to GNB. My kids have learned so much and the teachers are awesome. I truly feel my kids are loved and well cared for by the staff. And as a working mom, we need that peace of mind and ability to TRUST that they are in good hands. I would highly recommend GNB!

Melissa Fields

My son has been going here for over a year! Before we found great new beginnings I had previously pulled him out of two schools due to cleanliness, staff issues and so on. GNB has been amazing, it is so clean all of the programs and things the school offers for the kids gives so much variety and activities for my son. He has learned so much since joining and I truly love how the majority of the teachers have been with the school for years. Lin the owner and Kristin are always at the front and have been absolutely amazing. For example one day I was on the verge of a breakdown as my son was having tantrums like crazy and did not sleep, Lin the owner came out front helped me get my son into the class let me leave and called me to tell me he settled down within ten minutes. Nothing I asked of them but something they took the action and did with seeing how bad of a morning it was. These guys are truly amazing and they don’t make you feel like a number or a paycheck, you can see they truly love the kids and love what they do. I had one issue in a classroom, addressed it with Kristin and Lin, this was resolved within an hour or two and the front desk had informed me each step of the day of what they were doing the rectify the issue. I am so pleased with GNB and absolutely love them, best choice I made to bring my son here:) p.s my son actually asks to go to school most days, whereas at prior schools he never wanted to go in!

Samantha Mishaw

I just recently enrolled my son here and I find it to be a wonderful decision! I am a first time mom, so with that there is an understanding that I stress and worry about my child constantly. I was scared to find a daycare because I didn’t feel anyone would be able to handle me. From the moment I called the daycare, I felt at ease and welcomed. The director Kristen was kind, understanding and helpful. She was patient with me and answered all my many, crazy questions. They let me call and come in numerous times before my son began to help ease my anxiety. His teachers are truly amazing! They are also patient with me and allow me to be anxious! My son is happy to see them and I can tell that they give all the children attention and help them feel at home. They try to keep the child’s day as close to as what the parents do and keep them on their schedule which really was a big seller for me. I love that the daycare is active and always has something going on for the children. The cameras are such a big part in my choosing this daycare. I don’t need them to check on the teachers, I enjoy being able to see my son having fun and playing with the other children. I plan to keep my son here for a very long time, and any other future children we have! Great New Beginnings is a wonderful place that I would definitely recommend to parents!

Dezsaray Shores

LOVE Great New Beginnings! I love working at GNB! My bosses are THE best. The teachers are great as well. Always making sure the children are well cared for.GNB is a great work environment overall. I also have a child that attends GNB and the teachers do an amazing job taking care of him. The teachers communicate well with the parents and myself about each child’s day! LOVE GNB !! 💙

Ky denise