Great New Beginnings serves Breakfast and PM Snack daily.

The rotating menu posted reflects three weeks worth of menu items GNB will offer. Each Monday a notice will be posted on the front door of your child’s facility specifying which week we are currently following.

Please take a look at our Sample Menu. For current menu, please see the Parent Board at your Enrolled Facility.

Parents will provide lunch in its entirety, including a drink, for their children. We do request that no peanut or tree nut products are sent into the center. The center cooks will be available to help heat up lunch items as necessary. Please refer to our Meal Memo detailing some common lunch suggestions and information. Please take a look at our Meal Memo for more details.

We also partner with Yumble. Yumble can be purchased and delivered to your home for convenience!  Please review the Yumble flyer for more information.  As always, please call your center’s main office if you have any questions.