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Your opinions are valued.

For children, Great New Beginnings has a warm and experienced teaching staff. We also offer a very aggressive curriculum as well as pay special attention to the needs of the individual child.

We encourage parents to participate in classroom activities and field trips. Our facility has an open door policy and parents have access to their child’s classroom throughout the day. Because Great New Beginnings feels that we are a part of your extended family, you are always invited to participate and interact on a daily basis.

We have an open door policy in the office as well if you feel the need to discuss questions or concerns. It is not our philosophy to wait until scheduled meetings to address ideas or concerns. Please feel free to speak with your child’s teachers on a daily basis to see how you can participate in your child’s classroom. We, as management members, want to hear your ideas on how to make our program better for the children.

Please email us any questions or concerns that you may have about our program.  The Great New Beginnings email address is  Our email is automatically forwarded to Linda Clark’s (Owner) cell phone and will be addressed and/or forwarded to the appropriate administrator immediately.  We always look forward to hearing from our families!

Thank you for participating in your child’s early education experience. We appreciate your input and your support to make Great New Beginnings GREAT!